Truth BOMB

A service Design, Branding, and Marketing Synthesis

Truth Bomb is a creative coaching and service design studio based in Bradford, UK. We help turn local businesses into brands and transform business owners into business leaders. We do this by walking our clients through a process of uncovering substance, developing style, and improving communication so that they can turn their projects into communities united by shared truth.

Substance / Style / Communication / Community

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Community Building

We believe that the best businesses are brands and that the best brands are communities or tribes of people sharing the same values, vision, and aspirations. Everything we do is about helping our clients to raise the profile of their business by turning it into a brand with a community based around congruence of substance, style and communication.

Service Design

Using proven coaching and service design methods to get to the core of your business or service and offer maximum value to customers and clients by determining exactly what your brand stands for.

  • Values elicitation
  • Customer journey and other service design tools
  • Team coaching and management supervision
  • Experience design
  • Customer research
  • Vision setting and implementation
  • Focus groups
  • Service design workshops
  • Brand promises
  • Vision
  • More


Translating the substance of your business and what it stands for into a strong and consistent brand style that clients can trust, believe in, and recognise (calling them home).

  • Brand story
  • Brand promises
  • Mission
  • Values-based branding
  • Aesthetics
  • Fonts
  • Imagery and metaphors
  • Logos
  • Colour schemes and palettes
  • More


Communicating the substance and style of your business or project to the right people in the right place at the right time.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Audience personas
  • Demographics and psychographics
  • Customer research
  • Neuromarketing
  • Content strategy and creation
  • “Show, don’t tell” image curation
  • Campaign planning
  • Event planning
  • Aligning audience segments with substance and style
  • More

What our Clients Are Saying...

"Timely, powerful, and insightful.”
Client Testimonial
“Within the series of coaching, I gained the trust (or better say re-gained) that I can and will pursue my business goal, which steps I will take, and that no plans are too big.”
Client Testimonial
"My goals were made clear, together with the action steps I had to take to accomplish them. I gained insight into how to direct my time and energy to achieve my objectives.”
Client Testimonial
"I have found other approaches and philosophies do not really fully cover everything, the Truth Bomb approach and philosophy is all-encompassing."
Client Testimional


Our Approach

Community-Based Brands

Ultimately, the Truth Bomb approach is one that realises that the best brands are communities and that they are united by shared truth of substance, style, and communication.⠀

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is informed by a number of key assumptions about human beings at the level of ourselves, the world, and reality.

If organisations aren’t getting the results that they want then at some basic level they are missing a key ingredient: reality. When we carry false assumptions at the three fundamental levels of ourselves, the world, and reality we make mistakes. Our job is to help you get better results by having a better understanding of the people you work with, the world you have created, and the reality you work within. We believe that reality-aligned will take you further than ‘human-shaped’ any day of the week because reality will always give you feedback you can trust so you can build the strongest brand possible (reality doesn’t have an ego).

Though our overarching process focuses on uncovering substance, developing style, and improving communication we work to translate insight into action in everything that we do. We believe that this insight-based approach to design is the key to unlocking creativity and making the most of everybody’s potential. All of the tools that we use and the coaching sessions and service design workshops we facilitate are designed with  this in mind.

We believe that any brand, be it a private or public institution, is a community surrounded by and home to myriad other communities. We believe that the best results come from taking a whole-systems approach to the design and management of these communities and the cultural trends that arise within them.

In short, we advocate choosing wholeness over fragmentation at every possible opportunity and helping people to come together and create partnerships around real human values and shared truth. We take a ‘centre-out’ approach (not ‘top-down’ or ‘bottom-up’) to bringing people together around these values – this basically means that everybody has something to offer but the values are our compass for prioritising what we act on as we get results and build relationships.

We believe that the most successful brands are the ones that offer the most value to human beings by valuing human beings the most. This means embracing the lightnesses and darknesses of human nature and working with them all to ensure that everybody keeps growing and contributing the maximum that their potential allows. We believe that human beings are goal-seeking creatures that thrive on real purpose; we have seen that brands that understand this will thrive too.

We believe that human beings share a set of core values that have myriad manifestations and creative applications. We believe that a values-based approach to product and service design, branding, and marketing allows for stronger cohesion within organisational culture and its wider community whilst engendering better behaviours and choices that lead to better results over all. Everything comes back to values and the most effective values always point back to reality.

We believe that action is the most advanced form of theory. Yes, we can sit around philosophising and asking ‘powerful questions’ but without action nothing really happens (apart from maybe a few ‘aha’ moments). We believe in helping our clients to take better actions via better insight but also put systems and procedures in place to keep them accountable when it comes to the important part: taking those actions.

We believe that every human being is really two human beings: 1) the growing, evolving version of themselves in flux that is on the path to wholeness and actualisation (aka ‘realness’), and 2) the static self-image that they carry to survive in the world and what they may have already been through (aka ‘ego’).

We believe that both of these versions are important but if you only work with one or they other you limit the scope of what’s possible. Our one-on-one and group coaching sessions help to help individuals help themselves by learning to manage the relationship between both. This leads to better communication within the organisation and better results and relationships both internally and externally.

More importantly, this helps brands to realise that all of their customers are aspirational and if you understand these aspirations you can give them the experiences they truly desire.

We believe that concepts and ideas are useless without some connection to reality. This seems obvious but we so often become attached to our interpretations about things in order to keep our egos in place that we can hold ourselves back and miss out on important insight and therefore action. We believe that there are three sides to every brand story: your side, your client’s side, and the truth.

Truth Bomb is about exploring this gap so you can uncover creative potential and maximise the value you offer. This ensures internal cohesion at the level of values, the internal behaviours that embody  them, and the service delivery and messages shared with customers outside the organisation. When you hit this ‘sweet spot’, you don’t just have a brand – you have a tribe of people that share a community around shared truth.

We believe that the most creative thing that human beings can do is communicate in a real way. This is because we believe that true creativity is about expressing, uncovering, or sharing something real with others and helping them grow more real in the process. This is the glue that bonds communities together and keeps them growing together.

Communication isn’t just about words and can be done through any medium, including action. We use coaching and dialogue facilitation with our clients to help them uncover their real message and get it out in the right way to the right people. Real communication is creative because it opens doors; unreal communication is uncreative because it keeps them closed.

We believe that there is an important distinction to be made between ‘The World’ and ‘Reality’. Whereas reality is whatever it is and remains unchanging due to the laws of nature, the World is a choice that we’ve made and can be changed. We believe that the best results come from understanding where we have a choice and working to better understand the things about reality we can’t change so we can use them more efficiently.  Doing this allows us to build a better world for as many people as possible that is more sustainable (because it accepts reality) and is more aligned with our real human values and wholeness over fragmentation.


Our design approach and philosophy is inspired by the book Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness by Oli Anderson