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"I know that you want to see a path out of whatever ‘wage cage’ you’ve put yourself in – that you want to start taking steps towards moving forward with those creative goals and ambitions you’ve had for yourself but have never felt it was the ‘right time’ to start moving forward with. With the right structure and the right actions you can make that time NOW."

Oli Anderson

Truth Bomb provides bespoke coaching services for anybody who is ready to take a gamble on themselves and to improve their lives by tuning back into their creativity. If you're ready to do the work, stop holding yourself back, and start forging a path out of whatever 'wage cage' you've found yourself in then Truth Bomb has the tools and support to make it happen.

Increasing Your Status Through Creativity

That feeling that your life might not be as satisfying or real as you once thought it could be might be a sign that you lost touch with your creativity somewhere along the line. The harsh reality is that you let the world convince you to stop believing in yourself and so your life and your business reflect that fundamental disharmony within yourself. If you want to reclaim your self-respect and to improve your health, wealth, and relationships with others then you need to work on increasing your CREATIVE STATUS.

Create something real

Creative Status

Increasing your CREATIVE STATUS is one of the best ways for you to improve your internal and external experience of life. If your life isn't where you thought it would be or you're not living up to your potential then it's because you've been allowing yourself to get TOLD what to do instead of stepping up and acting on where your creativity wants to take you.

How can I help you?

I work with creative individuals who currently feel stuck or have made some uncreative choices and are now paying the price. What that looks like is different in different cases but essentially it boils down to the feeling that life is passing them by and that whatever 'wage cage' they've found themselves stuck in is becoming increasingly unbearable.

I work closely with clients in four month blocks to ensure that they can increase AWARENESS of how they've been holding themselves back, ACCEPTANCE of the things they need to change and that stopped them from believing in themselves in the first place, and accountability to take strategic ACTION to change their situations once and for all.

My coaching for CREATIVE STATUS is about helping you find the projects and direction you need to start stepping up and living your REAL life and using your creativity as a vessel for taking you there and helping you tune back into your strengths on the way there.

Download the Truth Bomb Creative Status Upgrade Canvas and start taking yourself and your projects to the next level.


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