Truth Bomb Brand Design Canvas

The most complete brand development tool available


What is this?

The Truth Bomb Brand Design Canvas gives you the tools required to look at every element of your business from the inside out.

By using it, you’ll save time and gain unparalled insight about the real value of your brand, the people that most care about it, and the messages you need to share with the world to make them care even more.

If this tool doesn’t take your awareness of your business to the next level, nothing will.

Who is it for?

This tool is for two kinds of people:

1) Those who want to take an established business to the next level by working on it as a brand.

2) Those who are in the process of developing a new business and want to give themselves the best possible start.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives will all benefit from this tool.

What does it cover?

The Truth Bomb Brand Design Canvas covers everything you need to know about your product or service as a brand.

We can say this with confidence because it’s designed around the Four Pillars of Real Brand Design:

Substance: Using Service Design, positive psychology, and practical philosophy to dive into the heart of your brand.

Style: Translating this substance into the right branding in order to call out to the right people (think about the ‘Bat Signal’ calling Batman).

Communication: Developing the right marketing messages to share your substance with the world.

Community: Finding, maintaining, and developing a real tribe of people who can use your brand as a vehicle to grow individually and together.

When you bring these elements into unity, you get something real.

You will uncover all this by building around the TRUTH.

I want one

How do I get one?

This is a serious tool for people that are ready to get deeper about their products and services.

You can get it in one of two ways:

    1. Pay for it (£849).
    2. Apply to get it for free.
If you pay for it, you can cut to the chase and download right away. You also get four coaching sessions (one on each section: Substance, Style, Communication, and Community) and a full Brand Report and Implementation Plan.
If you choose to apply, we want you to let us know your greatest vision – those  who inspire us the most are guaranteed to get it for free and have our full support in going through the process.


Free Substance Discovery Canvas

We’ve created a free Substance Discovery Canvas that you can download by clicking here.