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Increasing your status through creativity.

Increase your status through creativity

Real Always Works – If overthinking is holding you back from your creativity, confidence, and potential then you need to get back in touch with what’s REAL about yourself. I can help.

I know that all you really want is to feel like your own man or woman– that you want to feel like the majority of the decisions you make about your life and how you spend your time, energy and attention are made by you instead of some boss that doesn’t value you, some partner that doesn’t respect you, or some social pressure that you just have to go through the motions of giving a crap about.

I know that you want to see a path out of whatever ‘wage cage’ you’ve put yourself in – that you want to start taking steps towards moving forward with those creative goals and ambitions you’ve had for yourself but have never felt it was the ‘right time’ to start moving forward with.

How’s that working out for you? Waiting for the right time?  Do you feel like you’re getting any closer to it actually arriving or do you just feel that sense of restlessness increasing and your anxiety turning the volume up on itself as you keep fighting off those thoughts that you’re not wasting your life and that time isn’t ticking by?

The bitter truth is that you feel like you’re wasting your life and your potential because you probably are:

-You’re scared to take a risk because you’ve been conditioned not to believe in yourself and to believe in whatever system you currently feel enslaved with (wage cage, annoying boss, lack of passion for what you’re doing, etc. – you know what I’m talking about and if this resonates you should call me).

-You’re scared to start moving towards your creative potential because you’re scared to believe in yourself…. And here’s a little secret: your creativity isn’t something that you have but something that you are and so when you fail to develop your creativity, you fail to develop yourself.

-You’re scared to step away from whatever wage cage or BS situation you’ve put yourself in because your whole life you’ve been told that’s just what people “do” or that it’s what you deserve.

-You’re scared to take a risk and start moving towards the thing you actually care about because you’re afraid that you can’t handle failure or whatever “worst case scenario” you’re imagining in your head.

Tell me what’s worse though: trying, failing, and then rebuilding stronger, or never trying and staying on the path you’re on now and then wondering ten or twenty years down the line how things could’ve been different if you acted NOW?

If what I’m saying here makes sense to you, then you should call me NOW.

I know that you’re tired of not having a creative outlet – that your ‘job’ (“just over broke”) is something that you’ve fallen into because you didn’t have a concrete plan or vision for your life that actually excited you and so you feel into whatever came along first or in the moment and just ran with it.

What’s the price of that mindset?

Spending your days filling in paperwork and boring spread sheets that you don’t care about and that make you feel brain dead at the end of each day as your vision becomes blurred and you try to keep yourself awake?

Getting stuck in endless meetings where nothing really gets said and everybody just ends up trying to prove themselves to themselves and you try and think of new ways to escape or quit this place forever but not having the creative energy to figure it out?

Having every day feel like the same old, same old with the same old routine and the same old tasks and the same old office gossip and conversations killing whatever is left of your creativity as you wonder how long you can keep up the act?

Let me tell you right now: that is an act.  It’s not you. It’s a compromise because you gave up on yourself and your creativity (really, the same thing).

Your day-to-day life is just a reflection of how much truth you allow yourself to face about yourself and if your days just reflect routine and tedium back at you then it just means that you’ve stopped learning, blocked yourself from anything real, and now you’re  paying the price of imprisoning yourself in your own fears about yourself, the world, and reality.

Maybe it’s time to find your balls again and start moving towards the life you thought you’d be living before you got in this mess?

There are few things more dehumanising than knowing that you’ve given your life over to somebody else purely because you’ve tricked yourself into thinking that your power has dwindled.

The TRUTH is that you know deep down that your power hasn’t gone anywhere – in fact, it’s probably calling to you beneath the surface or your life on a daily basis.

Maybe you keep pushing its whispers to the side because you’re scared that if you listen it’ll rock the boat or disrupt the status quo of your life – at the same time, there’s another –REAL – part of you that wants to listen because you know that life is precious and the clock is ticking and, surely, you have to reclaim yourself and be your own man or woman again one day.

Lemme tell you:  one day never comes.

You can spend your whole life waiting for the right moment to start being true to yourself again. Or – a more real option – you can stop waiting completely and just make a DECISION to be who you know you can be right now and sort your life out.

You can reclaim control over your life by finding a way to:

1.      Reconnect to your creativity (because that’s the real you).

2.      Do something with the creativity that carries you forward and increases your status in your own eyes and the eyes of the world.

I can help you do that by walking you through a structured process of Awareness -> Acceptance -> Action.

It won’t even take that long – I’ve seen people go through this process and start having almost immediate results as they start taking actions they’ve been putting off and building momentum that changes their lives forever (because – at the end of the day – action is the only cure for anything).

Nobody is just gonna hand you control over your life in a world where everybody wants to control you.

The bitter truth is that ‘they’ (your boss, your partner, your family members and friends who have become used to you playing whatever meek role is holding you back) want you to be easy to control as that makes their own lives easier.

I know that you might secretly be judging yourself as being too weak to make the kind of changes that you know you need to make to reclaim your life and to become your own human being again –  that’s not the truth but just the guilt or shame you feel at having imprisoned yourself and giving up on yourself in the first place.

I know that you might feel your confidence has dwindled too much for you to take a gamble on yourself and start moving towards the goals and projects that you actually care about (instead of those spread sheets or whatever else you’re distracting yourself with for money) – that’s just because you’ve allowed yourself to be told what to do so much that you forgot how to listen to yourself.

Lemme tell you the good news though: whatever is real about you is always real and can’t be turned off – it’s just been hidden beneath all the BS layers of your life you’ve become attached to and identified with after a prolonged period of forgetting yourself.

As we build awareness together we can remind you who the ‘F’ you are and get you back in the swing of it all.

It’s not that you’re weak, it’s that you forgot about your strengths.

It’s not that you’re not confident, it’s that you’re doing the wrong thing.

This is why with my coaching I say that “REAL ALWAYS WORKS” – you’ve allowed the world to trick you into believing unreal things about yourself  and now your life has become unreal.  What’s real about you is always real, though – you just need to accept it again (after you’ve become aware of it and before you start taking action).

I know there’s a good chance that you’ve already talked yourself out of making the changes you know you NEED To make quite a lot of times already – every time you have a moment of insight where you realise things could be different and you could be making more money, feeling better about yourself, or having better relationships because you’re living a more creative and authentic way then a part of you kicks in that starts telling you all the reasons why this won’t work.

That part of you that’s talking you out of it isn’t ‘You’ – it’s your EGO.  It’s all of your conditioning and self-hypnosis (that trapped you in the first place) causing you to RESIST the call of yourself because it seems easier and can keep you in the comfort zone of the familiar but disliked (“better the devil you know”, after all I guess).

Lemme tell you something: in the SHORT-TERM it is easier to try and stay the same.  All of these things that I’m complaining about in this essay – like those spread sheets  and that annoying boss – are something that you’ve learned to TOLERATE (that’s why you’re STUCK with them).

It’s easier to keep tolerating then to push through your own emotional ‘stuff’ and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. That’s how we get ‘stuck’ in the first place.

In the long-term, though… What’s easier?

Putting up with this BS now because you’re scared to take a gamble on yourself or getting ten/twenty years down the line and being in the exact same place and wondering if things could’ve worked out different if you’d made those changes now when you had a chance?

Do you wanna get older and know that you did your best and so you can forget the rest? Or do you want to spend your whole life wondering if “this is it” but forcing yourself to deal with it, anyway?  I know what I’d choose any day of the week (and it’s paid off for me and people I’ve worked with): taking that leap and reawakening to life as life.

The core problem is that you don’t know your own value (or that you’ve been conditioned to think that recognising your own value is somehow egotistical or arrogant or [whatever] – that’s just the world trying to control you again).

There’s value that you have to offer the world that will allow you to be more of yourself (i.e. more real and authentic) and that will allow you to develop as a person and to step away from just being a slave to the world (because you’ve enslaved yourself with your BS ideas and emotional blocks).

You don’t recognise your value because you have a SCARCITY mindset and can only focus on what’s lacking in your life.  You think  that opportunity is scarce, you think that success is scarce, you think that creativity is scarce, etc. – when the truth is that all of those things are actually ABUNDANT and if it doesn’t work out in one area you can find it in another.

You just have to go out and TAKE it, though (an unreal world won’t give it to you because it wants you to believe in scarcity so you can be controlled).

The value that you have to offer is different to some degree for each and every one of us but two things that this value has in common for all of us:

1.      It comes from your CREATIVITY and following its expression.

2.      Following this path will make you more real and make your world more real (and, thus, you’ll be rewarded for offering that value).

As you stop yourself blocking your creativity, you’ll improve your status in life and this will make you feel better about yourself because – whether we like to admit it or not – human beings are status-driven, social creatures.

If you want to improve your health, wealth, and relationships with others then you need to step up, do the work, and remind yourself who you are and what value you can offer the world. Your creativity is the key to figuring that out (in fact, it’s a lack of creativity that left you feeling ‘stuck’ wherever you happen to be now if you’re reading this and it resonates):

-Maybe your creativity will lead you to a book.

-Maybe it will lead you to a podcast or a some other content producer role  (YT videos, content production, etc.)

-Maybe it’ll lead you to a fashion business or a restaurant.

-Maybe you will finally finish that album you wanted to record.

-Maybe you’ll follow that entrepreneurial vision.

-Maybe you’ll start your own coaching business or become a consultant.

-Maybe you’ll turn your art or photography into a package that serves other businesses.

It can be absolutely anything but you already have some seeds that are calling to you as you read this and you just need to nurture them and allow the fruits of your creativity to bloom.

That is your way out of being stuck and your way out of whatever your lack of creativity (or disconnection from your creativity, to be more precise) has led you to have your life become.

You can get where you want to be if you increase your AWARENESS of yourself, ACCEPT what you find and then ACT on it. That’s just how it works.

If it make sense to you and you know that now is the time for you to stop BS’ing yourself to make the changes you know you need to make then call me NOW.

You can improve your HEALTH by being real enough to start being creative and start living in a real way again:

-How can you not feel better about yourself and reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression when you’re actually doing something instead of just dwelling on your ‘stuckness’ and beating yourself up for staying there?

You can improve your WEALTH by following your creativity where it wants to take you:

-Whether in an organisation or because you’re working for yourself and you’ve followed your creative vision, people VALUE creativity and pay for it – either to help them solve their problems or because they value whatever you’re expressing because it’s helping them express themselves.

You can improve your RELATIONSHIPS by allowing your creativity to allow you to be yourself:

-How can you not have better relationships with the people you care about when you have more energy because you’re not holding yourself back? When you respect yourself more because you’re taking control of your life? Where you’re less anxious because you’re not being somebody else and getting negative feedback from reality? When your creativity is allowing you to stay FRESH and keep learning and growing real and moving with life instead of pushing against it? When people respect you more because they know you’re being real with yourself and going where you want to go?

Look, whether you call me or not. Tuning into your creativity and doing something real with it is your way forward – it has to be because you’re a human being because humans gonna human.

Like we said up there somewhere, your creativity isn’t something that you ‘have’ – it’s something that you are.  To feel real is to feel alive and you unlock your realness by allowing your creativity to take you where it needs you to go and bring the real parts you’ve been hiding from yourself back to the surface.

Your creativity will give you what you want (regardless of what ‘The World’ tells  you):

-It’ll allow you to be your own man or woman again if you dedicate yourself to it.

-It will give your family and friends a reason to respect you even more than they currently do because they’ll see that you’re being real.

-It’ll will cause people in general to look up to you as a source of inspiration because they’ll see that you found your BALLS and stepped away from just tolerating life and actually live it.

-It will cause your haters and doubters to seethe as they see you making it (which feels amazing).

-It’ll will give you the financial freedom to  start working on projects you actually care about instead of just those spreadsheets and other brain drains that suck the life out of you and distance you from your own soul.

-It will help you to escape whatever wage cage you’ve found yourself in as you reconfigure your personality so that your life can be an extension of something REAL.

-It will allow you to say goodbye to annoying bosses or people that don’t recognise your value because you can recognise your own and start USING it.

-It will allow you to increase your status in your own eyes and those of the world.

Your creativity is a no-brainer. Whatever you take from reading this, please remind yourself to be real and to tap back into yours if you’ve spent some time away from it.

If you’ve been living in an unreal way for a long time or you’re scared of taking a risk then part of you might be telling you that what I’m saying here is nonsense and that it can’t work. Another part of you might be curious, though, because you know this makes sense because you’re currently living in the way that I’m lamenting about and believe change is possible.

Lemme tell you: the likelihood of making these changes taking you where you want to be is A LOT higher than your doubts might be making you believe right now.

I’ve LIVED this myself and managed to escape the wage cage and do my own thing so I KNOW that it works  – following my creativity led me to write my books and start my coaching  business and that’s taken me all over Europe and changed my life in ways that I would never have thought possible before I took the leap.

More than that, I’ve seen this stuff wake my coaching clients up INCREDIBLY FAST – sometimes, all people need is a little nudge and a little bit of calling out about the way that they’re holding themselves back or BS’ing themselves and then…boom: the genie comes right out of the bottle.

I’ve seen people transform before my very eyes from meek people that have spent their days holding back to people who are full of confidence and taking massive steps in their lives purely because they started believing in themselves and their creativity over the BS story they were telling themselves about themselves.

These time-tested coaching methods that I use can’t NOT work because it’s all about taking the actions and unblocking the things that stop you taking them… If you act, you WILL get where you want to be. You just need to rewire your brain a little so you stop hesitating or going around in circles.

More than that, the odds of winning are in your favour because there has NEVER been a better time in human history to express your creativity and to get paid for it or make it work however you want… We have more platforms for publishing and sharing ideas than ever before and people WANT you to be successful at this so that they can make money from these platforms.

This is your WAY OUT of whatever cage you’ve found yourself in… The cage is just the opposite  of creativity and it’s not even real.

If you’re interested in moving in this REAL direction then my coaching can and will help you.   We’ll work together for about four months and by the time we’re done you’ll have made massive leaps towards getting out of that wage cage or away from your UNREAL life and onto the REAL path you know you belong on.

Better than that, you’ll start getting results right away as you start unblocking yourself and taking action… In fact, you could organise a chat with me right now and start getting results over the next few days… It’s not as hard as you think to start changing your life and becoming unstuck. You just need to  take the leap, build awareness, accept who you really are, and take action.

In only a few months from now – after 8 one-hour long sessions, next level coaching notes and insights, and staying in touch in for accountability in between – you could have that first draft/podcast/whatever foundation set in stone and be making tangible changes to your relationship with yourself that will last you a lifetime, get you back in the zone, and then keep you there.

We’re not even forcing you to do things you don’t want to do (which is why you might have struggled with motivation in the past)  – we’re getting you back on track with what you REALLY want to be doing.  You don’t need to FORCE it and expend unreal effort doing things that don’t excite you – you just need to find the REAL stuff and that never needs forcing.

The only sacrifice you’re making is giving up your unreal life for something TRUE and that feels REAL to you.

If this has spoken to you then I want you to commit to following your creativity  and increasing your levels of realness.

You can do it with me or without me but either way it’s the only path you need to walk on and there’s never been a better time to walk it.

Thanks for reading,

Oli Anderson