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Oh, hi there.

If you’ve landed on this page, then the odds are you have something to say online and share with the world.

If so, this free tool is going to give you a simple framework for sharing your ideas in a REAL way that gets you results, creates engagement, and helps you build your community (and, remember, even a small community of the RIGHT people is gonna get you better results than a big community of the WRONG people – this is why it’s so important to know what you’re doing by using tools like the Truth Bomb Brand Design and UX Canvas).

The framework is laid out in the image above and is basically a reminder to do four things as much as possible with the content you share online (or elsewhere, tbh):

  1. Entertain: make sure that you’re entertaining in some way – either by being funny, real, or finding some other way to keep attention.  In other words: don’t be boring (especially with so much competition for attention online).
  2. Educate: share relevant and valuable information that solves the problems of your audience.
  3. Elevate: help people to move towards their important life goals and to grow more real or authentic in themselves on the way there as they raise awareness.
  4. Tell Stories: use relatable stories and narratives as much as possible – stories are the purest form of human communication and they keep people engaged.

You can use one or all four of these at once… The more you use, the more engaging your content will be.

The only thing that stops some of us from engaging in this way is our fear of SHOWING UP – I know this from personal experience because I used to really hold myself and my business back by being scared to make videos because of all kinds of hypothetical ‘what if?’ scenarios in my head.

If this sounds like you then check out the free article about SHOWING UP ONLINE (in a real way) that this ‘Engagement Matrix’ Came from (click the image):

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