Our process


Using Coaching and Service Design to get you results and upgrade your personal or business brand.

We use coaching and service design techniques to help you uncover your brand Substance, translate it into Style, Communicate your messages and get your Community thriving.

We do this by building Awareness, helping you take Action, and keeping you and your team Accountable.

This ensures that you maximise the insight you get about your brand but, more importantly, act upon this insight and implement what you learn.


Gain the insight that will take your brand to the next level.

Dig into the Substance of your personal or business brand to understand what it means to the community of people that use it and translating this meaning into a cohesive Style that can be used to get the right messages out.


Level 1


Level 2


Get it done.

Acting on the learning in the Awareness phase to start moving towards your brand vision. We’ll find the right designers, right marketers, and right people to make your brand community happen in reality.

Keep doing it.

Throughout the process our team of in-house coaches and managers will work to keep your staff on track and ensure that we all do what needs to be done to get results.

Level 3


Get Started


Get in touch and organise a free Substance Discovery Session and test out our methodology. 

We’ll give you a free one-hour session so that you can look into the Substance of your brand and uncover important insight that helps you move onto the later stages of Style, Communication, and Community (either with our help or by yourself).

In this session, you’ll start to uncover the values of your brand, the stories of the lives of people who use it, the real problems you solve, and much much more.

Get in touch below to start digging deeper.