We merge coaching, service design, and philosophy to help you create lasting brands that MEAN something.

Truth Bomb is a creative coaching,  service design, and branding studio based in Bradford, UK. We help creatives and small business owners to level themselves and their brands up to generate more sales and improve their marketing by building in a human-shaped way.

We do this by walking our clients through a process of uncovering Substance, developing Style, and improving Communication so that they can turn their projects into Communities.

Service Design

Find the heart of your brand and build on it.

Helping you to dig into and build upon the true meaning of your brand and what it has to offer people: the underlying values, how you fit into the life stories and aspirations of your community members, the problems you’re solving, the context of your creative work overall, and much much more.




Build on Substance with Style.

We can help you translate the Substance of your business and what it stands for into a strong and consistent brand style that clients can trust, believe in, and recognise (calling them home).


Get the word out.

We can help you to communicate the Substance and Style of your business or project so  that it reaches right people in the right place at the right time – ensuring that your brand messages and values make the right impact.



world Building

Build a brand as a community and
find your tribe.

Ensure that your brand serves as a living network of human beings that share values, aspirations, and ambitions. We work to help you understand and nurture these connections to make a real difference.

The whole package

A complete coaching & service design system

The Truth Bomb Methodology is designed to get you fast results and penetrating insight so you can take your business or personal brand to the next level.

The four pillars of our system – Substance / Style / Communication / Community – are all-encompassing and can be applied to both pre-existing businesses or upcoming brands.

We offer tailored coaching and service design packages helping people from idea to execution and have a strong network of designers and managers to help you implement your insights.