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We’ve tried and tested this tool with loads of creatives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs and it’s given them the clarity they’ve needed to take their brand to the next level every time.

It covers all of the areas that you need to ensure that you’re doing something human-shaped and MEANINGFUL.



Here are a few tips for ensuring you get the most out of the Brand Design Canvas process:

Tip #1

Take Your Time

The Brand Design Canvas is designed to give you insight about the projects that matter the most to you. Don’t just rush to fill it in – really challenge yourself to think and test your own assumptions.

Tip #2

Tell the Truth

It’s called the TRUTH Bomb after all… If you wanna get the best results then be honest with yourself about what you’re hoping to achieve with your project.

Tip #3

Take a Breather

Spend an hour on each question, do one a day, or have a session for each of the stages (Substance, Style, Communication, and Community). This will allow you to process insight in between and be fresh each time you attack it.

Tip #4

Let it Breathe

The Brand Design Canvas can be treated as a ‘living document’. This means that you can return, review, and revitalise as you learn from implementation and the landscape of your brand changes.

Tip #5

Teams Make Dreams

If you’re working on a team project then fill the Brand Design Canvas in as a team (host a workshop in-house and work through it). If you work by yourself review your learning with somebody you trust to tell you the truth.

Tip #6

Reach Out

Know when you might need a little help with some of the questions. Either find somebody you trust in your network or get in touch with us at hello@truthbomb.co.uk.

Tip #7

Translate to Action

As with any other tool, the Brand Design Canvas is only really valuable to the extent you can translate insight to action and IMPLEMENT. As you go through the canvas keep asking yourself what you’re gonna DO with what you learn (or get in touch after for an Implementation Call).

Good Luck and Let Us Know If You Need Help!

You might benefit from going through our exercise for uncovering your Values (first question on the canvas).

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